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This book is not an academic study. A short section (10%) provides the academic evidence for leadership teams on why feedback, including marking, is so important, but 90% of the book concentrates on how to make both more effective.

It provides a solution to the dilemma faced by many leadership teams: how can you develop a feedback and marking policy that is rigorous and effective but which takes into account the differences between ages (e.g. early years v 11 year-olds) and subjects (e.g. mathematics v Art)?

Robert Powell shows how schools and colleges can create a principles-based feedback and marking policy where the principles are non-negotiable but the methods are. Teams or departments, in effect, develop their own feedback and marking policies based on whole-school or whole-college principles.

Robert also shows how such policies cannot be effective unless they are part of an approach which develops outstanding teaching, learning and assessment as part of the same agenda.
Robert has led inset on this approach with scores of schools and colleges from all sectors and phases and the books has been re-printed three times.
  • Nine differentiation strategies.
  • Developing the necessary ethos.
  • Managing classrooms for feedback.
  • Sharing success criteria with all.
  • Techniques to ensure marking leads to learning.
  • Making oral feedback lead to action by students.
  • Principle-led policies and CPD.
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