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Live Feedback: how to raise pupil attainment, reduce teacher workload and improve teacher well-being.

The attainment gap between those in more affluent homes and those from disadvantaged backgrounds continues to grow. The key agenda in narrowing the gap is good teaching. But there are problems with this solution:
We know that excessive teacher workload is the main cause of the recruitment and retention problem; that passion for teaching is being undermined by the demands some leadership teams make on their staff. Robert shows how:
Robert offers a range of practical alternatives:
He also examines a range of electronic solutions, one of which offers feedback to teachers, analyses progress and identifies gaps. Planning is dramatically reduced, and marking is automatic, eliminating the workload burden that can damage well-being and demoralise and fatigue teachers in equal measure. Robert’s strategies reduce the workload problems, but can also lead to raised attainment, particularly for the ‘hard to reach’ learners from disadvantaged homes.
  • Government recruitment targets are not being met
  • 40% of NQTs leave teaching within 5 years so experience is not being developed
  • Less than 80% of science and maths teachers are specialists
  • There is an over-reliance in some schools on data collection and analysis
  • ‘Straitjacket’ policies and scrutiny in lesson planning are killing spontaneity and passion
  • An insistence on detailed marking of pupils' work is draining energy and harming well-being
  • Reduce SLT scrutiny and place greater trust in the professional judgement of teachers
  • Greater use of team planning based on principles rather than fixed templates
  • Feedback policies replacing marking policies
  • Greater use of self- and peer-assessment, verbal feedback, and whole-class feedback
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