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Updated: Jul 5

A new e-book from Robert Powell

Robert Powell’s new e-book, to be published in July, offers solutions to some of the major challenges facing both teachers and school and college leaders. In the book he sets out his vision for education that if adopted could make a significant impact upon policy and practice. The vision is for school and college leaders and for the teachers and assistants.

For leaders:

How to develop a teaching, learning and assessment policy that is rigorous, yet flexible enough to meet the needs of all phases and subjects. A policy on one page, based on 7 evidence-based principles that can be applied in all phases, subjects and settings that:

  • Emphasises professional trust in teachers, removing straitjackets and releasing passion

  • Supports and encourages teamwork

  • Places well-being of staff and students at the centre

  • Offers a staff development framework that spreads best practice, developing great teaching.

For teachers and teaching assistants:

  • How to invigorate whole class teaching while maintaining clear focus, rigour, and order

  • Ensuring learning intentions are clear and that students can picture what success looks like

  • Engaging students and achieving widespread participation in questioning and deep thinking

  • Managing a diverse diet of whole-class instruction, small group, and paired activity, ensuring variety, clarity, and purpose

  • Planning tasks and activities that have high expectations, appropriate challenge, and support, and meet the needs of all students

  • Adopting responsive teaching techniques that use students’ feedback to adjust teaching, ensure progression and deepen learning

  • Providing feedback of all kinds to students, ensuring that such feedback is used by them to improve performance, independence, and metacognition.

In the e-book Robert presents 7 evidence-based principles for great teaching. These principles can be met by teachers using strategies appropriate to the phase, the subject and the assessment method being used. Each of the 7 principles is accompanied by a menu of practical strategies – the book has 157 strategies in all, and teams can select which strategies are right for the target age group, the subject, and the context. Consistency of principles is the key word, not conformity of methods.

Active whole-class teaching is a Kindle e-book but can be purchased without the need to own a Kindle. The Kindle app is free to download to any device and the book will then open on your chosen device.

If you download the Kindle app the book can be read on:

  • Tablets (full colour)

  • Laptops (full colour)

  • Computers (full colour)

  • Kindle (black and white)

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