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Robert Powell

Author of the best-selling books 'Live Feedback' and many more

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On this new website I try to communicate my passion for teaching, learning and assessment. This passion will be seen in the books (over 100,000 in use in UK schools and colleges), and in the testimonials from some of the schools and colleges where I have led training or offered consultancy. If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Robert Powell

Rob's ability to connect with his audience was extraordinary; he enthused and amused in equal measure. Lecturers were captivated by his input and tangible benefits are already evident across all our teams. I cannot recommend his work with us highly enough.

David Law

Principal, Chelmsford College


Robert Powell, a former comprehensive head teacher, has led training with over 2000 schools from all phases and sectors and with dozens of Sixth Form and FE colleges across the UK. His books are widely used by both teachers and leadership teams. He is renowned for his practical ideas, for inspiring and entertaining in equal measure, and for his ability to work with teachers from all phases and subjects.

Robert Powell’s Latest Releases

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