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Great Teaching (US)

Robert Powell’s book sets out an approach to the development of great teaching by:

  • focusing on rigorous teaching techniques, professional autonomy, and effective teamwork

The introduction explains that:

  • principles are ‘destinations,’ not methods: techniques adopted for 4-year-olds learners to reach their destinations may be different from those used with 11-year-olds. Techniques that help learners in English or science to arrive at their destination may differ from those used in art or music.

The introduction also shows how leaders can use the approach to:

  • develop teamwork, team responsibility and greater autonomy

  • develop teachers’ repertoire of practice, replacing ineffective habits with effective evidence-based ones.


The main body of the book contains:

  • 157 practical classroom techniques based on each of the 7 principles, available as a whole book or by principle.

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