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Feedback to teachers

The problem being addressed in this technique

Responsive teaching is powerful when teachers identify a need while learning is taking place and intervene in real time. This might involve pausing a lesson to re-teach when a widespread misconception is spotted, it might be intervening with a number of learners facing the same issue or intervention by the teacher or teachingf assistant with an individual struggling or in need of challenge. Spotting these issues live in a lesson is not easy, particularly in large classes. In this example, technology provides a solution, giving teachers live feedback on the progress of every single student as the lesson progresses.

Principle 6

Great teachers receive feedback on levels of understanding through regular questioning which seeks to involve all learners. When teachers identify misconceptions, they intervene, whether it be at individual, group, or whole class level. Teachers should seek to develop fluency and embed learning through strategies such as interleaving, retrieval practice and spaced learning.

Feedback to teachers through technology: Learning by Questions (LbQ)

The matrix below, on the teacher's screen, shows how each student is progressing after each question, highlighting misconceptions, coasting students and those in need of intervention. These interventions include pausing a lesson for re-teaching where there is widespread misunderstanding; responsive teaching at its best.

The colours provide teachers with the following feedback for each student.

Green – correct answer Amber - correct answer after making a mistake, getting instant feedback and re-trying. The numbrr of re-tries are indicated by the number inside the block. Red – incorrect answer. The number inside the block tells teachers how many times the error has been made. Blue – open-ended question with no right answer.

With all incorrect answers, teachers can click on the response and see exactly what the student answered, identifying the misconception. This technology that provides live feedback to teachers in English, maths and science for ages 3-16 is Learning by Questions (LbQ), It has won numerous awards and I am convinced it sets the standard that other technology companies must aspire to. LbQ also offers automatic assessment and analysis and has 90,000 ready-to-use questions for English, maths and science for ages 3-16. This reduces teacher workload enormously in planning and marking. Can be used remotely or for homework. If you already have tablets it is ideal.

The real-time feedback allows the teacher, TA or peer support partner to intervene at the moment a student is in need of help. If you would like a free 30-day trial in order to judge which question sets match your curriculum or state standards, register here . When you register you can browse all the questions.

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